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Child Custody in Kettering Ohio

In any divorce or breakup, custody disputes are considered as the most difficult part as both parents will want as much time as possible with their children. They have an individual right to protect.

How are child custody decisions made in Kettering Ohio? What factors are used to determine if you’re unsuitable for custody? Here’s what parents should know!

Child Custody for Unmarried Parents

According to the state’s statute, the mother is granted sole custody and authority of a child if the parents are not married unless the father takes legal action to be granted custody. An unwed father may not win over a single mother who represents a good parent, though he can take steps to get visitation rights and some form of custody.

These will be resolved either through the decision of a family court judge or a simple agreement between the parents. Here, the sole focus is the right of each parent to spend adequate time with their child or children and NOT about spousal support payments or other divorce-related issues.

Although, single mothers can demand child support from their child’s father, including everything indispensable for shelter, education, food, clothing, transportation, and medical attendance to keep with your financial capacity.

Child Custody for Divorced Parents

Similar to other aspects of divorce (e.g., financial division, alimony), child custody for parents who consider getting a divorce, or are currently involved in the process, visitation and child custody will be decided by the court or a decent agreement between the separating couple. The latter is usually handled with the help of a family lawyer.

How does child custody work in Ohio?

Legal and physical custody are two basic elements of child custody in Ohio.

  • Physical custody is all about where the child lives. Joint physical custody is the legal term of sharing, while sole physical custody is where the kids live with only one parent.
  • Legal custody covers the decisions about the religious training of a child, medical treatment, preferred schools, etc. It can also be shared (joint) or not (sole).

What makes you unqualified for child custody? Here are the main determinants!

Being physically and financially stable is insufficient proof to let the law reward you custody of your child.

The evaluator will take several important factors into account that determine if you’re an unfit parent.

  • Insensitive or non-responsive to the child’s needs
  • Poor track record of childcare involvement
  • Being unreasonable or not cooperative in resolving custody disputes with the other parent
  • Domestic violence and/or child abuse
  • Has social functioning issues
  • Suffers from a psychiatric illness
  • The child’s attitude toward the parent (e.g., not comfortable, afraid)

Do you need a lawyer for aid with child custody in Kettering Ohio?

Child custody is a complex process. This is specifically true for unwed parents as further conflicts may arise. A qualified and knowledgeable family law attorney can help you make informed decisions in the process. They will ensure your right as a parent is well secured and even represent you in court if the situation forces.

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