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Dayton parenting time lawyer Anne Catherine Harvey provides clients who are dealing with parenting time issues a clear understanding of their legal rights. According to Ohio state law, following a divorce or legal separation trial, the court must grant custody to one or both parents. Following that, parenting time is put into place allocating parenting time for the noncustodial parent. The amount of parenting time given to the noncustodial parent is court-ordered and cannot be lessened or denied by the spouse who has custody of the child without legal ramifications.

According to Ohio state law, a parent may not be denied parenting time by the other parent if he or she has already been allocated a certain amount of parenting time by the court. If a mother or father is being denied parenting time with his or her child by the other parent, he or she can ask the court to find that opposing parent in contempt of court. If that parent is found in contempt, he or she may have to pay the necessary attorney and court fees and could be ordered to allow the wrongfully denied parent to make up the missed parenting time. In addition, a parenting time order may also be changed or modified by the court if the alteration of that order is in the best interest of the child or children involved.

It is important for divorced parents to exercise the amount of parenting time awarded by the court in a divorce proceeding. Endless studies have proven that children fare better in all aspects of life when they have substantial contact with BOTH parents. Anne Catherine Harvey provides Ohio residents who are wrongfully being denied parenting time with their child necessary legal assistance in matters involving parenting time rights and custody. Our firm can help ensure your parenting time rights as a parent in accordance with Ohio state law and the parenting time schedule set forth by your county. Click on a county to view its

Standard Order of Parenting Time

  • Clark County
  • Greene County
  • Montgomery County
  • Warren County

The schedules above are the minimum that the non-custodial parent normally receives. Parents can always act amicably and agree to different times and day and even make last minute changes for emergencies.

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