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I don’t know yet.

How much does it cost is not the best first question. Instead, ask yourself: What do I need? What do I want? What is realistic? What can I live with? What do I have a stake?

Before you even consider “lawyering up,” you should have a general idea about how you would answer these questions. From here, then ask yourself: What is best for my family & friends? What is the most direct way to get what I can’t live without? What is the consequence of doing nothing?

Work on answers to these questions. If you can’t answer these questions, rest assured that I can’t either. Only after you have considered your needs as opposed to your wants are you ready to tackle questions about costs.

Family law fees are based on the complexity of your case, the legal expertise required, how long the case takes and, to some extent, the value conveyed. Quoting fees over the phone or on a website would be irresponsible and inaccurate.

Family law fees have two parts: Lawyer/paralegal time and case costs. My office accounts for all lawyer/paralegal time in a monthly statement based upon the best legal software on the market. Case costs include filing fees that are paid to the court, deposition costs for the court reporter, transcripts, Guardian Ad Litem fees, psychologist fees, accountant fees, expert fees, appraisal fees, copies, overnight deliveries and process servers. Your case costs will include at least some of these items.

You will always know where you stand, what has been done on your case and what you have been charged because we are faithful to send every client a monthly, itemized bill.

So please don’t ask me how much “it” will cost until we have met and considered your individual needs, goals, and expectations.

Do You Offer Free Consultations?

No. Many people ask why not. The answer is simple: my initial consultation has value and no savy business owner gives away things that have value. It is the most important part of your case because it is where decisions about strategy and tactics take place.

I work hard during the initial consultation. By its end, you will have learned whether you can achieve your family law goals, how to reach your goals, how long your case will take, and an expected price range.

How do you choose a lawyer, if not based on price?

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Thank you for reading this page and asking yourself these questions. I hope to hear from you!