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Contested Divorce and Uncontested Divorce, What are the Differences?

Divorce under the best of circumstances is difficult and emotional. Anne Catherine Harvey in Dayton understands and provides caring legal divorce advice during trying times.

Contested divorce

When a couple cannot come to an agreement on one or several issues related to their divorce, it is contested. A Dayton contested divorce is comprised of partners unable to agree even with the assistance of attorneys and/or mediators. Because an agreement cannot be reached between the parties, the issues must be taken up in court where a judge decides the outcome.

Contested divorces are common because most broken marriages have numerous issues that require resolution. Most if not all of the issues greatly affect the family dynamic and therefore are emotionally charged. The inability of divorcing couples to come to an agreement forces the court to decide issues including:

Child custody
Child support
Asset/debt division
Spousal support
In high profile divorces with considerable assets and/or serious spousal behavioral issues, a contested divorce is probably unavoidable.

Uncontested divorce

A Dayton uncontested divorce can occur when both parties are able to agree on the issues involved in their divorce. An uncontested divorce does not necessarily mean an amicable divorce. Rather it means, despite animosity or emotional upsets the parties have succeeded in resolving their issues outside the courtroom.

A Dayton uncontested divorce is generally the preferred type of divorce and the advantages of a uncontested divorce include:

A quicker and more smooth process
Reduced legal fees and court costs
Less emotional toll on all parties
More control over the outcome
Anne Catherine Harvey handles all types of divorces, whether contested or uncontested, and can provide valuable legal advice on your divorce options.

Mediation may help

Despite the circumstances of the breakup of your marriage, mediation may be a viable solution to some or all of your divorce issues. Lawyer Anne Harvey can provide mediation services for your divorce planning/divorce issues.

Get advice on your contested divorce in Dayton

Divorces are never easy and often emotionally debilitating. Anne Catherine Harvey’s years of experience with divorce cases increases your chance of achieving your desired outcome. Lawyer Anne Harvey is a formidable opponent and strong advocate for rights, in negotiations, mediation or trial. Contact us today to discuss your divorce needs.