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Divorce is one of the worst legal issues people may have to deal with in their lifetimes. Anne Catherine Harvey understands the difficulty of divorce and has provided Dayton divorce help to hundreds of clients with the best possible results.

Divorces happen because of unsolvable differences and issues between spouses. What begins as a lifetime commitment ends in a bitter battle over children and property and a winner takes all mentality. Emotions run the gamut and your life feels out of control. Ms. Harvey’s dedication and expertise in Dayton divorce law enables her to bring you through the process and achieve your desired outcome.
Dayton divorce process—the brass tacks

The major issues decided in a divorce include:

Property/debt division
Spousal support
Child custody
Child support

Property and debt division

Ohio is an equitable distribution state, which means fair, rather than equal. Dayton divorce law and the court encourages you to reach a property/debt settlement—if you cannot, the judge decides. Determining factors may include:

Duration of marriage
Assets and liabilities of each party
desirability to award family home to custodial parent (if children are involved)
Liquidity of assets
Tax consequences
Asset liquidation costs

Spousal support

Alimony is full or partial financial support of one spouse to the other. In Ohio, alimony is not automatic and is awarded on a case-by-case basis. Factors considered include:

Income and earning ability of spouses
Ages, physical health, capabilities and disabilities of the parties
Duration of marriage
Minor children and existing care-taking responsibilities of parents
Standard of living during marriage
Tax consequences

Child custody

If child custody agreements are unattainable between the spouses, the judge decides. Factors in custody decisions include:

Wishes of parents
Wishes of the child
Child’s relationships with parents, siblings, and other significant persons
Mental and physical health of each parent
History of failed parental responsibility
History of parental child abuse/ neglect

Child support

Child support is determined by the court using standard guidelines that factor both parents’ incomes and divides support proportionally, based on the financial needs of the minor children involved.

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Regardless of your divorce circumstances, Anne Catherine Harvey provides Dayton divorce advice and protects your rights and interests. Contact us today to discuss your divorce needs.